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A Necessary Pleasure: Building a Sense of Agency Through Reading Aloud

Reading Today, May/June 2015

Reading aloud not only forges relationships with your students, but also ignites discussions, establishes a community, inspires writing, and sparks intellectual development.



Creating a Culture of Trust, March 2015

High achievement and good test scores cannot happen without a thriving culture of trust. In this article, Regie profiles three principals and demonstrates the impact of their leadership on school culture and teacher and student success.



Common Sense for the Common Core

Reprinted from Scholastic Administrator's edupulse, December 2, 2014

Regie shares four ideas to help maximize your schools' chances for success in implementing the new standards.



Think Big, Teach Smart

Reprinted from Heinemann: Professional Development Services for K-12 Educators, 2014-2015 Catalog-Journal, November 2014

Instead of thinking of all the literacy pieces that need to be put into place, put students' interests, needs, and potential first and make curriculum more relevant for your students.



What Makes a Great School? Not Test Scores

Reprinted from Education Week, October 22, 2014

It's not very hard to raise test scores in the short run. However, these gains often turn out to be a mirage, especially in schools with a history of underperformance. Regie describes the factors that are crucial for enduring achievement gains.



Read, Write, Lead: Breakthrough Strategies for Schoolwide Literacy Success

Reprinted from Scholastic's Reader Leader newsletter, May 2014

How do we create schools where all learners—students, teachers, and leaders—are joyful, are engaged in meaningful work, and are self-directed? Regie shares her insights from her latest book. 



To Raise Achievement, Let's Celebrate Teachers
Before We Evaluate Them

Reprinted from Reading Today, June/July 2013

Strict accountability measures for teachers and principals are making our educational climate one of increasing apprehension and distrust. Beginning with celebration instead of evaluation is the first step for raising expectations for what's possible. 



Must-Know Tips for Effective Demonstrations

Published by the International Reading Association on, Spring 2012

Explicit and relevant demonstrations are a necessity before expecting students to successfully “try and apply” the behaviors of problem-solving readers, writers, and thinkers.



Must-Know Tips for Shared Writing

Published by the International Reading Association on, Fall 2011

Giving students many opportunities to first express their ideas orally—and without fear of failure or worrying about the actual writing—helps sets them up for writing success later.




Professional Guidance from a Master Teacher

Reading Today, August/September 2012 

Reading Today, the membership magazine of the International Reading Association (IRA), previews Regie's new book, Literacy and Learning Lessons from a Longtime Teacher (IRA Publications, 2012). Includes a Q&A with Regie on the vital things literacy teachers need to know to enhance their classroom skills and produce stronger learning among their students.



Mapping a Pathway to Schoolwide Highly Effective Teaching

Kappan, February 2012

Raising achievement is the by-product of a comprehensive plan linking strong principal leadership, higher teacher expectations, and a focus on literacy—all held together by trusting relationships.



Reflections on Literacy Teaching and Learning

Reading Manitoba, Fall 2011

Regie highlights three core practices that she sees as essential for raising and sustaining literacy achievement, engagement, and enjoyment for students, teachers, principals, and curriculum specialists.



Engaging and Empowering Students to Write: The Principal Influence

The New Hampshire Journal of Education, 2011

Regie describes the powerful impact a building principal can have on literacy development in the elementary classroom.



Teacher Talk

Reprinted from Educational Leadership, March 2002

Even the best professional development may fail to create meaningful and lasting changes in teaching and learning—unless teachers engage in ongoing professional dialogue to develop a reflective school community.



The Uses and Abuses of Invented Spelling

Reprinted from Instructor, May/June 1993

Invented spelling does not mean "anything goes." In this article, Regie shows how you can get the best results from invented spelling in your own classroom.