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Regie-speaking.jpgRegie speaks at major educational conferences in the United States, Canada, and abroad, and conducts full-day workshops for educators. Her focus is on specific, exemplary literacy and leadership practices that accelerate and sustain schoolwide achievement. All practices are supported by research, experience, and ongoing reflection. Through the use of stories, photos, videos, and student work samples, Regie brings to life effective teaching, assessing, and leading. When the speaking event is more than one hour, there are usually opportunities for talk, questions, and feedback.

Presentation topics emphasize raising expectations, effectively implementing the Common Core State Standards, teaching English language learners and students who struggle, teacher as reader and writer, the reading/writing connection for accelerating literacy acquisition, teaching with a sense of urgency, planning with the end in mind, teaching responsively and applying formative assessment every day, and celebration and joy in teaching and learning. 

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Sample topics


  • Organization of excellent classroom libraries with students
  • Application of shared reading
  • Perspectives on guided reading, including management
  • Choosing “just-right” books
  • A closely monitored independent reading program
  • One-on-one reading conferences
  • Engagement and enjoyment in reading
  • Assessing schoolwide reading environment
  • Self-determining readers


  • Organization of the classroom for daily writing
  • Application of shared writing
  • Perspectives on teaching writing, including management
  • Teaching more nonfiction writing along with narrative
  • One-one-one writing conferences with useful feedback
  • Choice within structure
  • Revision, editing, spelling and grammar concerns
  • Publishing
  • Assessing schoolwide writing environment
  • Self-determining writers


  • Instructional walks
  • Leadership teams
  • Celebration of teachers
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Leading professional literacy communities
  • Highly effective principals
  • Leaders as readers and writers
  • Effective coaching practices
  • Knowing and applying relevant and current research
  • Leading a successful school change effort


Professional Literacy Communities (PLCs)

  • Building a schoolwide culture of trust and respect
  • Setting up and sustaining an ongoing school-based PLC
  • Understanding and applying an Optimal Learning Model (“I do it.” “We do it.” “You do it.”)
  • Meeting as a whole school—vertical teams as well as in grade level, horizontal teams
  • Viewing and discussing effective literacy practices
  • Applying effective practices to the classroom
  • Collaboration and coaching between and among peers
  • Effectively leading a PLC